Sunbeam Grill Parts
Find the Perfect Replacement Part for Your Sunbeam GrillMaster Grill

Sunbeam Repair - Keeping Your GrillMaster Running Hot

Sunbeam Repair - Keeping your Grillmaster Grill running hot for many years is easy when you use the right parts and sources.

If you own a Sunbeam Grillmaster Grill you probably are already aware that Sunbeam stopped making the line in March of 2003. 
If you love your GrillMaster as much as I do, you you WILL...need to eventually repair or replace some of the parts to keep it running.
This is just natural.  All gas grills wear out due to use.   It doesn't matter how well you clean it, if you cover it or even store it inside.  If you use it, it will eventually wear out.

Good News for Sunbeam Grillmaster Grill Owners 

The good news is that even though Sunbeam no longer makes GrillMasters, there are many excellent sources for the parts available online. 
This makes it super easy to repair your beloved Sunbeam and keep it running hot for many more Barbeques and Cookouts.
Have More Fun With Your Sunbeam GrillMaster Grill...

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Searching for Sunbeam Repair Parts

Click around the web and you will find many good sources for your parts.  Then you may also find repairmen that are able to do the actual physical labor if you are not able to.
Here are a few quick and easy notes to get you started:
Check Your Model Number

This is the first and easiest way to find Sunbeam repair parts.  Many times you will find a part that specifically states that it can be used with Sunbeam grills. 

Your grill's model number can be found on the grill itself or in the user manual (if you kept it and remember where you put it ;-) )

Sunbeam sometimes adds a suffix to the main model number. These distinguish whether your grill is a natural gas grill or LP or whether it has a post, cart or pedestal mount. Sometimes they also add a few letters to indicate color, like BLK for black.

 This all means that the same basic part can be sold with a large number of different -- and confusing -- numbers.

Finding Replacement Parts by "Sight"

If you can’t locate your model number, not to worry – you can search for a specific part. Good dealer websites Good dealer websites will have multiple pictures, drawings, diagrams and specs.

You can simply measure your original part and compare it to what is listed on the pages of reputable dealers.

The best way to do this is to take the old part completely out of the grill and lay it on a flat work surface. Then compare it to the picture or drawing on the webpage.