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Find the Perfect Replacement Part for Your Sunbeam GrillMaster Grill

Sunbeam Grills - "Life Just Got Easier" for the Weekend Griller

The perfect grill for the Weekend Griller. Fire one up this weekend and start cooking.

Sunbeam's company slogan was “Life Just Got Easier.”

That thought represented Sumbeams objective to make cooking much easier then ever before for the weekend griller.  Someone who doesn't have time to fool around with all of the mess of that big charcoal cooker or wood smoker. 

Someone who just wants some got grilled food -- fast.

World is so much faster paced now than it was in the Glory Days of outdoor barbecues - the 1950's and early 60's.  The demands on our time have increased 10, 100, 1000-fold. 

In today's hectic world no one has enough time, especially families, to mess with the big production of a charcoal grill when they get home from work.  Not when there is soccer practice, dance lessons, gym time and let's not forget, TV to watch. 

So much to do.

It's no wonder that we search for easy to us products that will help us to cook delicious food within minutes.

Sunbeam Grills solved all the problems of the working class heroes.

Sunbeam Grills - So Easy to Use, Even a Dad Can Do It

Sunbeam Grills became a favorite of millions of working Americans because they were so easy to use and affordable.

The Sunbeam Portable Gas Grill freed us up from the hassle of charcoal and wood and even from the gas line.  With bottled gas you could take the grill anywhere.  From the pool deck to the beach and all points in between.

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Sunbeam - Still Going Strong

Sunbeam stopped making barbecue grills in March 2003.  But if you are still lucky enough to have one you will be glad to know that parts are still available online.

Locating Specific Parts

Locate your model number, and then you can easily search for a specific part online by typing the number into a search engine.

If you can't locate the model number, you can simply measure your original part and compare it to what is listed on the pages of reputable dealers.  Good dealer websites will also have multiple pictures, drawings, diagrams and specs.

The best way to do this is to take the old part completely out of the grill and lay it on a flat work surface. Then compare it to the picture or drawing on the webpage.

Owner's Manual

Sunbeam’s grill website offers owners manuals for download to your computer. They also have a service locator for parts and service centers in your area so that you can get your barbecue fixed by a professional if you like. 

There are also some excellent hints and tips about caring for your grill and keeping it running well.

Better heed their advise if you like your GrillMaster as much as we do. 'Cause they ain't makin' any more. ;-)