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 Grill King 11-Piece BBQ Set


Weber 7516 Grill Out Handle Light

Sunbeam Grilling Gifts and Accessories

Grilling accessories can also wearout and need replacing. These include your heat tent, flame tamer, heat shield, grates and I-tent.

There are not a lot of Sunbeam or GrillMaster Grilling Accessories still being sold online or off since Sunbeam stopped producing GrillMaster Grills in March 2003.

Fortunately accessories for other grills will usually fit Sunbeam and GrillMaster grills.  Most grills are built to one of the standard shapes (square, rectangle or circle) and there are 1,000's of grills still being produced every year.

This means many 1,000's of different grilling accessories, too.

So chances are good that if you simply determine what you need and take a few general measurements, you will eventually be able to find something that fits your needs.

Grilling Accessories Make Great Gifts

And many, like the excellent BBQ set or grill light shown on the right, are good with any grill and make wonderful gifts for the BBQ fanatic in your family or circle of friends.

Weber 7516 Grill Out Handle Light

Do you grill in the evening? Do you ever need a little extra light just to check on the progress of your food? It's hard to tell if the meat is pink or red without having enough light on the subject and the last thing you want to do is bring in the food before it is done.
This handy little light will clip on to the side table or the handle of your grill and provide great illumination.
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